Version 1.6.4/5 Release Notes, New Affiliate Program

Cardinal Locator version 1.6.4 was released a few days ago, followed by a quick hotfix patch with version 1.6.5 to revert one of the 1.6.4 changes due to an unforeseen new zooming related bug. In development for a few months, version 1.6.4 included a variety of fixes that came up in support tickets in addition to a couple of minor new features. A few callouts include fixes related to the new filter disabling functionality, a bug fix related to new WooCommerce functionality where no locations were output, a fix related to Polylang detection while on PHP version 8.0+, and a fix for a bug relating to the use of Advanced Custom Fields to handle custom location metadata. Also, with the rollout of WordPress version 6.3, Cardinal Locator’s PHP version requirement has been updated to 7.0 to match the new WordPress core requirement. It’s always recommended to use the latest versions of languages and software.

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1.6.5 Changelog

  • Fix – reverted removal of zoom reset to 0 after taxonomy filtering due to introduction of new zooming issue.
  • Updated WordPress minimum PHP version to v7.0 to match WordPress 6.3.

1.6.4 Changelog

  • Added automatic reset functionality that fires when address input field value is removed (changed to blank).
  • Added Google Places query string parameter to non-Gutenberg admin side Google Maps load.
  • Fixed -1 Store limit value only returning one location after searching with High location count/WooCommerce enabled.
  • Fixed error with Polylang plugin in combination with PHP v8.
  • Fixed Advanced Custom Fields address data not saving correctly when adding new locations.
  • Fixed issues with new disable filtering functionality with select fields, radio buttons, and updated address input value.
  • Fixed issue with single production locations when Cardinal plugin is activated prior to WooCommerce plugin activation.
  • Removed zoom reset to zero on taxonomy filtering to keep searched location in view.
  • Reverted change that forced sites with WooCommerce to use the High Location Count API.
  • Updated new filter disabling feature to run when full map start or default location settings are enabled.
  • Updated query string functionality to fill in address and name search with query string values in search form.