Version 1.5.9 Release Notes

Version 1.5.9 of Cardinal Store Locator was recently released, which included a handful of fixes. There was no post for the last two releases because they were very minor hot fixes – one relating to a bug that was actually introduced on the Google Maps API side related to fitbounds that was later corrected by… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.6 Release Notes

Version 1.5.6 is another small patch with a couple of fixes and other minor updates. The primary fix in this release is for a centering issue on an initial location search when the maximum distance settings was enabled. The centering problem was inadvertently introduced in the last release – v.1.5.5. Another fix was also added… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.5 Release Notes

Version 1.5.5 is a small patch that includes some fixes/enhancements related to map zoom levels. In previous versions when using the Name Search setting or taxonomy filtering, the zoom level would be far too zoomed in if just one location was being displayed. In both of these scenarios the fitBounds() method is used, and the… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.3 Release Notes

Version 1.5.3 of Cardinal Store Locator contains a couple of fixes and small updates. When using the option to search for location by name, which is labeled as “Name Search” under the structure settings tab, a previously entered value was previously saved and used when clearing out the field Issues with the single map shortcode… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.2 Release Notes

Version 1.5.2 of Cardinal Store Locator was recently released, which includes a handful of fixes and a Handlebars dependency update due to a security issue. Three of the four fixes were made in the plugin’s underlying script and the other was a PHP fix where a method in the admin code relating to using the… Continue reading »

Now accepting cryptocurrency purchases

Cryptocurrencies are a fascinating and sometimes controversial subject. The decentralized nature of these currencies is something that I, the creator of Cardinal Store Locator, support and have been following for several years. It was previously possible to purchase a license for Cardinal Store Locator with cryptocurrencies but the feature was disabled in 2019 due to… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

It’s been quite a long time since the last version of Cardinal Store Locator was released but the wait is finally over. There were a variety of reasons for the delay but the primary was a goal to include several larger new features and release it altogether as a big new update. Moving forward, future… Continue reading »

Using the new WP-CLI command to import location data from a CSV file

In version 1.5.0 of Cardinal Store Locator new import functionality is available via a custom WP-CLI command. At this point the import functionality is somewhat basic but additional features will be added in the future to support more file types and options. Two new filters are available specific to importing: bh_sl_import_file_args: Allows you to change… Continue reading »

A switch to automatic license renewals

Going forward license renewals for Cardinal Locator will happen automatically. This approach vs. the previous manual renewal system will make license renewals easier all around. The plugin’s pricing will remain the same. There are several reasons for this change including: It simplifies the renewal process. It reduces reminder emails for license holders from three reminders… Continue reading »

Version 1.4.5 and 1.4.6 Release Notes

Cardinal Store Locator version 1.4.5 was released a little over a week ago and version 1.4.6 was released last night as a follow-up to address a couple of minor issues that popped up after the previous release. Version 1.4.5 is a larger update that adds new features, makes improvements, and fixes several issues. One important… Continue reading »