Version 1.6.7 Release Notes

Cardinal Locator version 1.6.7 was released last night, which contains a few important fixes in addition to updates to two default settings as outlined below. Since most customers that use the Cardinal Locator enable the “Full map start” setting, it made sense to flip the default value from false to true for a more straightforward… Continue reading »

Version 1.6.4/5 Release Notes, New Affiliate Program

Cardinal Locator version 1.6.4 was released a few days ago, followed by a quick hotfix patch with version 1.6.5 to revert one of the 1.6.4 changes due to an unforeseen new zooming related bug. In development for a few months, version 1.6.4 included a variety of fixes that came up in support tickets in addition… Continue reading »

Reviewing Publicly Accessible Google API Key alert emails

Google has potentially been stepping up notifications about Google API keys that are unrestricted in recent months. Cardinal support has received a few tickets about this and it made sense to add a post about these email notifications and what to do if and when you receive one. Do pay attention to these emails, which… Continue reading »

Version 1.6.0 Release Notes – WooCommerce integration, “Over 1,000 locations” rewrite

Version 1.6.0 of Cardinal Store Locator has been released, which includes a major new WooCommerce integration feature, a complete overhaul of the functionality when the “Over 1,000 Locations” setting is enabled, along with several other fixes and enhancements. WooCommere integration It makes a lot of sense to integrate a store locator plugin with an e-commerce… Continue reading »

WooCommerce integration details

The release of Cardinal Store Locator version 1.6.0 introduced WooCommerce integration functionality. Additional e-commerce platform support may be added in the future but it made the most sense to start with WooCommerce, which has a healthy market share and has been owned by Automattic since 2015. The primary initial integration features include: Connecting products to… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.9 Release Notes

Version 1.5.9 of Cardinal Store Locator was recently released, which included a handful of fixes. There was no post for the last two releases because they were very minor hot fixes – one relating to a bug that was actually introduced on the Google Maps API side related to fitbounds that was later corrected by… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.6 Release Notes

Version 1.5.6 is another small patch with a couple of fixes and other minor updates. The primary fix in this release is for a centering issue on an initial location search when the maximum distance settings was enabled. The centering problem was inadvertently introduced in the last release – v.1.5.5. Another fix was also added… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.5 Release Notes

Version 1.5.5 is a small patch that includes some fixes/enhancements related to map zoom levels. In previous versions when using the Name Search setting or taxonomy filtering, the zoom level would be far too zoomed in if just one location was being displayed. In both of these scenarios the fitBounds() method is used, and the… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.3 Release Notes

Version 1.5.3 of Cardinal Store Locator contains a couple of fixes and small updates. When using the option to search for location by name, which is labeled as “Name Search” under the structure settings tab, a previously entered value was previously saved and used when clearing out the field Issues with the single map shortcode… Continue reading »

Version 1.5.2 Release Notes

Version 1.5.2 of Cardinal Store Locator was recently released, which includes a handful of fixes and a Handlebars dependency update due to a security issue. Three of the four fixes were made in the plugin’s underlying script and the other was a PHP fix where a method in the admin code relating to using the… Continue reading »