Version 1.5.5 Release Notes

Version 1.5.5 is a small patch that includes some fixes/enhancements related to map zoom levels. In previous versions when using the Name Search setting or taxonomy filtering, the zoom level would be far too zoomed in if just one location was being displayed. In both of these scenarios the fitBounds() method is used, and the update includes a new listener to pull the zoom back if it gets too close. In addition, a new fix was implemented when using the Maximum Distance setting where fitBounds() is used to control the the zoom level based on how many locations are displayed.


  • Added Google Maps object as a parameter for cslMarkerClick callback.
  • Added a zoom listener after fitBounds() is used to prevent high zoom levels after name search and taxonomy filtering.
  • Improved zooming when Maximum Distance setting is enabled taking advantage of the fitBounds() method.