profileThe Cardinal Store Locator plugin is developed and maintained by me, Björn Holine, a full-time WordPress developer in Minneapolis. I have over ten years of professional agency experience and have been working with WordPress for several years beyond that. This WordPress plugin is an evolution of my open source jQuery Store Locator Plugin and I’ve put a lot of hard work into making it a reality. I love working with WordPress and my primary motivation for developing this plugin was to learn the WordPress Settings API and put something out into the WordPress ecosystem that I feel confident about. I decided to charge for the plugin because of the amount of work I put into it, so that I’ll have motivation to provide good support for it and because I feel that businesses with multiple locations should be able to afford the reasonable license fee that I’m asking. One of the major things I’ve learned with having an open source jQuery plugin out in the wild is that free support is very difficult to justify even though I still try to help people with those requests when I have the time. You can find more information about me on my blogTwitter and Linkedin.