Version 1.5.6 Release Notes

Version 1.5.6 is another small patch with a couple of fixes and other minor updates. The primary fix in this release is for a centering issue on an initial location search when the maximum distance settings was enabled. The centering problem was inadvertently introduced in the last release – v.1.5.5. Another fix was also added though it’s more of an extra check against users using a setting combination of default location and full map start together. The default location setting opens the map on page load with the default location coordinates and therefore, full map start is redundant with default location enabled. If a user was to have both settings enabled, the main mapping function would fire twice, causing unexpected issues. The other main item in this patch is an optimization to only enqueue the Single Location Map block scripts and its dependencies when the block is used vs. loading them globally. Finally, a block.json file was added for the Single Location Map block for standardization.


  • Added block.json file for Single Location Map block.
  • Added extra check to make sure mapping doesn’t fire twice when default location is enabled and full map start is also enabled. Full map start is not needed when default location is enabled and this is just a preventative to avoid user errors.
  • Fixed centering issue on initial search with maximum distance enabled introduced with fitBounds updates in last update.
  • Updated enqueue_block_assets call to check for the Single Location Map block on the page before enqueuing related script and stylesheet vs. loading globally.