Version 1.5.9 Release Notes

Version 1.5.9 of Cardinal Store Locator was recently released, which included a handful of fixes. There was no post for the last two releases because they were very minor hot fixes – one relating to a bug that was actually introduced on the Google Maps API side related to fitbounds that was later corrected by Google. The other was an update that added the featured location checkbox to the Gutenberg integration, which was previously missing. In addition to the items listed below, work is ongoing to integrate with the WooCommerce plugin. For example, including new filters to show locations on a map carrying a specific product. This functionality will be added to a release in the coming months.


  • Fixed custom sorting select options not populating because of esc_html().
  • Fixed empty name search value not clearing previous value.
  • Fixed full map start list limit setting not allowing 0 value.
  • Fixed open nearest location setting not working in combination with query string parameter setting.
  • Fixed open nearest setting not opening correct location with custom sorting enabled.
  • Fixed PHP offset warnings in method that builds the location meta data for the script.