Version 1.6.7 Release Notes

Cardinal Locator version 1.6.7 was released last night, which contains a few important fixes in addition to updates to two default settings as outlined below.

Since most customers that use the Cardinal Locator enable the “Full map start” setting, it made sense to flip the default value from false to true for a more straightforward onboarding process. One of the default settings for “Full map start list limit” was also incorrectly set to 0 vs. -1, which was corrected. If you ran into an issue where the location list wasn’t showing on initial load, this was the reason.

For customers not using Gutenberg, it was discovered that geocoding functionality on publish/update was failing due to using the save_post_{$post->post_type} action hook vs. the save_post hook. This is apparently expected in core, though it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

A more minor update was removing usage of the the FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING sanitization filter throughout the plugin, which was deprecated as of PHP 8.1.0. Depending on the instance, the functionality was either updated so that the strings are now escaped on output instead or sanitized using alternative methods. Using PHP 8.0+ is recommended but not yet required.


  • Fixed default value for Full map start list limit setting – changed to -1 vs. 0 to display unlimited.
  • Fixed geocoding functionality on location publish/update when Gutenberg disabled. The save_post_{$post->post_type} instances were swapped with save_post because post meta (address details) wasn’t available with save_post_{$post->post_type} action hook.
  • Removed all instances of FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING, deprecated in PHP 8.1+.
  • Updated default value of Full map start setting to true vs. false.