Setting up front-end filters with alternate location data sources

One scenario that comes up on occasion in support is the request to set up front-end filters when using an alternative location data source such as local or remote JSON, XML, or KML instead of using the default custom post type to manage location data. When using the default locations custom post type a Filter… Continue reading »

Styling the CardinalWP home page locator

Since launching the Cardinal Store Locator plugin over a year ago several support requests have been submitted asking how to achieve a look similar to the one at the top of the home page. The default color scheme of the locator makes use of blue colors and the location form fields display above the… Continue reading »

Using location data from one site with a Multisite install

If you’re wanting to use location data from one site on a WordPress Multisite install on other sites within the network you can make use of the before and after location query hooks. This scenario also only requires a single site license of the plugin. The following code example could be placed in you’re theme’s… Continue reading »

Sorting initial location results alphabetically

There have been a few support requests related to sorting the initial locations that display within the locator alphabetically so it makes sense to have a tutorial post about it. When using the full map start or default location setting along with the default or other custom post type, the initial display of locations on… Continue reading »