A switch to automatic license renewals

Going forward license renewals for Cardinal Locator will happen automatically. This approach vs. the previous manual renewal system will make license renewals easier all around. The plugin’s pricing will remain the same. There are several reasons for this change including:

  • It simplifies the renewal process.
  • It reduces reminder emails for license holders from three reminders to two notices.
  • It prevents license holders from forgetting to renew.
  • Access to support and plugins updates continues uninterrupted.
  • The license management system was upgraded and automatic renewals are available as a feature.
  • More license renewals are likely, improving the plugin’s long-term sustainability.

Because this switch could catch some off-guard, additional flexibility will be offered. It will be easy to cancel your license if you want to and refunds will be available if an undesired renewal charge is processed. If you have any questions or feedback about this change please don’t hesitate to contact support.