Version 1.6.4/5 Release Notes, New Affiliate Program

Cardinal Locator version 1.6.4 was released a few days ago, followed by a quick hotfix patch with version 1.6.5 to revert one of the 1.6.4 changes due to an unforeseen new zooming related bug. In development for a few months, version 1.6.4 included a variety of fixes that came up in support tickets in addition… Continue reading »

Now accepting cryptocurrency purchases

Cryptocurrencies are a fascinating and sometimes controversial subject. The decentralized nature of these currencies is something that I, the creator of Cardinal Store Locator, support and have been following for several years. It was previously possible to purchase a license for Cardinal Store Locator with cryptocurrencies but the feature was disabled in 2019 due to… Continue reading »

A switch to automatic license renewals

Going forward license renewals for Cardinal Locator will happen automatically. This approach vs. the previous manual renewal system will make license renewals easier all around. The plugin’s pricing will remain the same. There are several reasons for this change including: It simplifies the renewal process. It reduces reminder emails for license holders from three reminders… Continue reading »