Available template variables

Cardinal Store Locator uses Handlebars to handle the output of the location list items that appear next to the map as well as the info window pop-ups that appear when a marker is clicked or location is selected. The plugin checks for the existence of a cardinal-locator directory within the site’s active theme and checks for infowindow-description.html and location-list-description.html to override the defaults. Those files can be copied from /wp-content/plugins/cardinal-locator/public/assets/templates/ into the cardinal-locator directory in your active theme. The following is a list of available variables that can be used with Handlebars expressions. Note that if you see issues with special characters, use the “triple stash” expression with three brackets {{{variable }}} instead of two. If you add any additional custom meta fields to the locations custom post type they will be picked up by the plugin and the values can be accessed with the meta field name. In addition, any custom taxonomy that’s assigned to the location post is picked up by the plugin and the values can be accessed with the taxonomy name for a comma separated list (string) and the taxonomy name followed by _terms for an array of the term objects.

Additional data can be sent to the Handlebars templates using the location data filter. The data listed below can also be modified using this filter.